TIME magazine recently found that Americans have 4 basic views of God-- Authoritarian, Benevolent, Critical, or Distant. Most of us pick the one that best fits our agenda, opinions, or lifestyle choices. But what's God really like? Depending on your view, the answer may unsettle, surprise, or thrill you. Like it or not, we were made in God's image-- not the other way around. iGod is an inspiring message series that challenges our distorted notions of God & replaces them with clear-- and refreshing!-- biblical truth. What's your view of God? Is it based on divine revelation... or your own reflection?

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iGod pt 3 - The Perfect 10

Updated over 7 years ago.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how'd you do this year? How would you rate your performance? Better yet: How do you think God feels about it? Our world places a lot of emphasis on personal performance-- our manmade attempts to earn God's favor. Unfortunately, religion is a dead-end: Hit the ball out of the park, and you puff up with pride (Ever meet a spiritual snob?) Fall short and you despair (Why are most religions ridden with guilt?) Fortunately for us, religion is dead. With the coming of Jesus, a whole new way of life has opened up before us. Minus the judgment. Minus the guilt. Welcome to the new reality called Grace. Listen in as Pastor Tim explains why Religion is dead... and only Grace remains. Part 3 of series "God in a Box" www.LiquidChurch.com