The Terrestrial Nomad Podcast

Welcome to the Terrestrial Nomad Podcast! This podcast is a tale of my adventures. In 2015 I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada for 209 days. I then jumped on a plane to Southeast Asia for 7 months. I am currently in Australia traveling and making plans for the future. Join me on my epic adventures and tune into my personal thoughts and stories along the way.

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Ep 109 Know Where, Australia

Updated 9 months ago.

10/13/16 In this episode I'm just rambling. I didn't want to mention where I was or where I've been. Hope you enjoyed the episode please subscribe, rate and review the podcast on iTunes or wherever you have found this episode. Please check out my blog on wordpress to see photos from each episode. If you have any questions or comments please find my Facebook page to get in touch. Cheers!