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SHR is a weekly live DJ mix show hosted by Mark Perez from the mile high city. This podcast is a supplement to his monthly work on and features house music of all shapes and sizes. You can check out the live video stream at Thursday nights @ 7:30pm MT. Follow the show on twitter for show updates and look us up (and rate!) on iTunes just search "SUBherbAN"

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SHR Guestmix 011 - Avek - Jackin Coast to Coast

Head over to to check out the SHR Guestmix 011 - Avek. This month I finally got an exclusive mix from one of my good friends DJ Avek. Avek and I met after seeing each other at alot of the same House music events, found out we both play house records and formed the DJ duo, The Knacker Jackers. This guy is constantly pumping out quality mixes with emphasis on mixing like themes thru the vocals. Most DJ's just throw what ever on the tables and hope it all mixes together. Avek carefully selects vocals and samples to coincide with his various themes. I never trust a DJ that don't dance and this guy can tear up a dancefloor or command it from behind the tables, Enjoy this exclusive mix from a very good friend and check out the other SHR Guestmixes! To check out more of Avek hit up his links And while you are at it check out the back log of the SHR Guestmix Stay tuned for more tasty mixes from your favorite DJs right here on your home for House music...What else? SUBherbAN House Radio You are tuned into a Rerun Podcast, check out the family of shows at 2013 A Rerun Podcast Production