SUBherbAN House Radio

SHR is a weekly live DJ mix show hosted by Mark Perez from the mile high city. This podcast is a supplement to his monthly work on and features house music of all shapes and sizes. You can check out the live video stream at Thursday nights @ 7:30pm MT. Follow the show on twitter for show updates and look us up (and rate!) on iTunes just search "SUBherbAN"

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SUBherbAN House Radio Vol 083 - 07-23-15

Updated about 6 days ago.

Head to to listen to this week's DJ mix from Mark Perez

***DRIZZLE Music @ Funky Buddha: Sean Michaels and Mark Perez Saturday Aug 1st***

This week we are bangin some of that summer funkiness i've been busy droppin all around Denver this year. Sorry for the absence from the show, we should be on a crackin now! House music... What else?

Check out my monthly no-talk mix @