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SHR is a weekly live DJ mix show hosted by Mark Perez from the mile high city. This podcast is a supplement to his monthly work on and features house music of all shapes and sizes. You can check out the live video stream at Thursday nights @ 7:30pm MT. Follow the show on twitter for show updates and look us up (and rate!) on iTunes just search "SUBherbAN"

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SUBherbAN House Radio Vol 072 - 07-10-14

Updated about 13 days ago.

Head to to listen to this week's DJ mix from Mark Perez Getting started a little Errrly here in Dab City on this fine 710 holiday, I'm so dabbed out I forgot to press record...luckily I was able to put up the live stream. I aplogize for the low quality, but we should be back up to regular production levels as we get back into this thing next week. Been a minute, listen to this episode, then go to to listen to my newest monthly mix and come back here to check out Bruno Browning's SHR Guestmix we gots that House music... What else? You are tuned into a Rerun Podcast, check out the family of shows at Check out my monthly no-talk mix @ 2014 A Rerun Podcast Production