Well Hello and Welcome to TalkPsychWithAlex, your place for talking about psychology, sociology, and everything else in between. I like to think of this show as a free for all, and I have it in addition to my radio show on blogtalkradio, where I have been doing it since 2010. I have a bachleors of arts and sciences in psychology from the University of Akron, with a minor in sociology. Currently I am attending the Chicago School of Professional Psychology for a certificate in Child & Adult Psychology, and from their will go on to get a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I love helping as many people as possible feel free to email me at for any questions that you may have about the show or to select a topic for the show. I am always welcome to suggestions. With Love and Blessings, Alex Artman

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TalkPsychWithAlex: Neglect

Updated 10 months ago.

Hello and Welcome to TalkPsychWithAlex Today is Tuesday September 27th, 2016. I am your host Alex Artman. Today is all about neglect !
* Topic: Neglect
* Book Review
God Bless You !