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Jason and Ben play classic LucasArts video games and talk about it. We cover the history, gameplay, and the most difficult puzzles from those old adventure games you love. Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Sam & Max, and Day of the Tentacle are all covered here, plus a few insights, interviews, and some snazzy music. Plus a bunch more of course. New episodes up monthly. Relive your youth or someone else’s!

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Ep 18: Gone Home - Steggy? …Steggy

Updated about 12 days ago.

Another game from this decade! Weird, right? I promise we'll get back to vintage games at some point, but for now we're playing the instant classic, Gone Home. Think Firewatch stuck in a mansion. Pretty fun, right? Well it was! We had a great time playing it, and hope you did too.

This episode is pretty spoiler-heavy, and the game is pretty short, so go ahead and play it before you listen too far into the episode. Hope you enjoy it, and enjoy the pod too!

After a quick introduction, we start talking about the history around 3:40, then we get into the gameplay (and there's a lot of overlap there) around the 19-minute mark. We play a fun little quiz show around 31:00, and of course we play WTBWTS at 35:30. After that we talk about next month's game, and everything that entails (see what I did there?), around 40:30.

Make sure you listen to the end to hear what we're playing next month.

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