EX-Mormon WikiLeaks

This is a weekly podcast where I will share the secret and private documents and information that is revealed on the Mormon Wikileaks website and my opinions of them. I'm in no way affiliated with the creator of the Mormon Wikileaks website, other than just being a concerned EXMO who wants to share THE TRUTH of Mormonism with the world. This is something that I've wanted to do for a long time and I'm just glad someone has finally done it, with all of the recent video and document leaks of the Mormon church and hierarchy. I will place these episodes in the rotation on my EX-Mormon Radio station as well. I have created and hosted various podcasts over the last 11.5 years(all available for free here in iTunes), including EX-Mormon Rants, with my co-host and long-time collaborator Demon of Kolob. I'm currently the creator and host of the only worldwide, daily EX-Mormon Radio Show(M-F 12 AM PST) and podcast, taking your live calls. The EX-Mormon Live Show started on November 23, 2015 and I'm currently closing in on 250 shows and the last year+ has been awesome! I plan on about 250 shows a year going forward. Enjoy the podcast and live show everyone and thanks for all of your amazing support!

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The Intro-1-6-2017

Updated 5 months ago.

This is the intro explaining the purpose of this new podcast. The 1st official episode is coming soon. Thanks everyone for your support!