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I have created this podcast, only for public interviews of Mormons or other interesting religious subjects. Some are famous Mormon authors, actors, leaders and some will just be common members from all walks of life, or missionaries, etc. I just felt it was time that all of these interviews were put together in one place for people to easily find and listen to. I hope everyone enjoys these interviews. I find these interviews to be fascinating and insightful.

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David Twede Lecture At UVU-4-11-2014

A great lecture by David Twede at UVU on 4-11-2014. He discusses the recent fraud case against Thomas S. Monson, over in the U.K. by Tom Phillips. "Lessons from the Fraud Case: How can we more effectively help family and friends learn the facts about Mormonism?" He then opened it up to questions at the end. The following was posted at David Twede will discuss his history and role as managing Editor at, and the transition to Tom Phillips. He will also discuss the recent LDS fraud case in the UK and how it can be seen as helpful. At the end of his talk, he will open up to discussion to the group about how we can go forward more effectively. David Twede is a former managing editor and currently Editor at Large at He has degree in physics and molecular biophysics from the University if Michigan, Ann Arbor. He is published in science journals and holds patents in imaging science. He was raised as a fifth generation Mormon, and resigned his membership in the Mormon Church in Oct 2012.