Mormon Truth Interviews!!

I have created this podcast, only for public interviews of Mormons or other interesting religious subjects. Some are famous Mormon authors, actors, leaders and some will just be common members from all walks of life, or missionaries, etc. I just felt it was time that all of these interviews were put together in one place for people to easily find and listen to. I hope everyone enjoys these interviews. I find these interviews to be fascinating and insightful.

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Dallin Oaks-Youth Fireside-Bellevue, Washington

Updated about 14 days ago.

This was a fireside by the bigoted Mormon Apostle Dallin H. Oaks, on Saturday, January 23, 2016. He discusses how critics of Mormon bigotry, are actually the bigots, not the bigoted Mormons or their leaders.

Religion, apparently protects everyone from being bigots, specifically Mormons, according to the Mormon Hierarchy.

If you oppose or question ANYTHING they've ever taught or believed, even the cursing and banning of Blacks until 1978 or the current condemnation of gay couples and their kids..they call YOU the bigot!


Oaks said:

"When you say something you believe and somebody else doesn't believe and you attribute it to your religious beliefs or your church, in these days somebody’s gonna call you a bigot. You ever heard that word before.

The people who are calling you a bigot are trying to discredit something you believe or do because of your religious faith; that is not a bigot! A bigot is not a person who believes or doesn’t believe a religious truth or way of action.

A bigot is someone who is unwilling to discuss a religious pattern. In other words (Speaking as the person in the example), 'I know this and don’t tell me what you believe, I am not willing to talk about it. I declare and that’s the end of it. Shut-up! Don’t confuse me with your opinions'.

That’s the bigot…Don’t accept them calling you a bigot. You tell them, 'you’re no more a bigot for believing that than they are for not believing'."