Mormon Truth Interviews!!

I have created this podcast, only for public interviews of Mormons or other interesting religious subjects. Some are famous Mormon authors, actors, leaders and some will just be common members from all walks of life, or missionaries, etc. I just felt it was time that all of these interviews were put together in one place for people to easily find and listen to. I hope everyone enjoys these interviews. I find these interviews to be fascinating and insightful.

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I've Had To Learn-Lori Crandall

Updated about 6 days ago.

"I've Had to Learn". My gift to the LGBT community at large but especially in the LDS faith. For those of you who are being shunned, abused and thrown out of your homes simply for being who they are. I know that abuse and I care.

I offer..."I've Had to Learn" with some beautiful photography of New Zealand and Idaho. Don't kill yourself over the loss of your family. There is a huge community of people just like you waiting to love you...and you have you and that my friends is your greatest asset ever.

Always follow the love. Always move towards love even if that is in another country. Go as far a you need to go to find love.

I know your pain and have been where you are. Please investigate to educate yourself about the LDS church. It's not you....

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