Mormon Truth Interviews!!

I have created this podcast, only for public interviews of Mormons or other interesting religious subjects. Some are famous Mormon authors, actors, leaders and some will just be common members from all walks of life, or missionaries, etc. I just felt it was time that all of these interviews were put together in one place for people to easily find and listen to. I hope everyone enjoys these interviews. I find these interviews to be fascinating and insightful.

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Boise Rescue-Turley Jr. and Oaks-June 13, 2015

Updated about 1 month ago.

An audio recording of a meeting held June 13th, 2015 in Boise, Idaho. Some are calling it, appropriately, "The Boise Rescue", like the attempted, but failed rescue and fiasco they tried over in Sweden, where they embarrassed themselves and didn't answer any questions.

Dallin H Oaks and Richard E Turley Jr. spoke to a congregation about church history and apostasy.

These type of attempts show just how pathetically desperate "the brethren" have become, in this time of great "apostasy"(Members leaving in droves because of THE TRUTH!), never seen since the days of Kirtland, according to Marlin K. Jensen. At least he was honest & then of course, promptly fired or I'm sorry, put on "emeritus status" immediately..LOL!

Thank you Internet & to the person that recorded this!!