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"A delightful sitcom and sketch show that feels equal parts Monty Python and Douglas Adams, with a lot of other odd bits sprinkled in." ( "Lightly skips between comic modes - from The Day Today-style news satire to self-produced comic songs to surreal narrative flights of fancy... with a deftness that brings to mind the glory days of The Mighty Boosh radio series... it's had me chuckling all week." (The Telegraph) WE RECOMMEND STARTING WITH EPISODE 1.1 (also known as: the beginning)

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TRAILER - Grett Binchleaf: Book 2

Updated 3 months ago.

Available now on the Grett Binchleaf feed: the Adventure of the Women Getting Abducted by Crabs - A BRAND NEW NEVER-BEFORE-HEARD GRETT BINCHLEAF ADVENTURE