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Do you like to watch wrestling? What about listen to wrestling podcasts? Did you like the "Invasion" story line from 2001? Did you hate it? Well, if you answered yes to any of those, you've stumbled upon the right place!! Welcome to the Invasion Podcast, where we go back to 2001 and dissect what most people call the train wreck known as the Invasion. Inspired by Wrestling Podcast Juggernauts, OSW Review and the Attitude Era Podcast, join host Joey Pitt, along with Gamebox and Slip of newLEGACYinc as we go back and relive the highs and lows of this potentially awesome story line. What is the Invasion Podcast? The Invasion Podcast is the second ever Wrestling Video Podcast, behind OSW Review. Like OSW, we watch a Pay Per View or show, take notes, then have a "Passionate, Respectful discussion about the matches and angles that occurred during the show. Then, we splice the audio to video of the actual PPV to make the experience of it all that much better. What are the shows that will be covered? We cover every WWF PPV from WrestleMania X-Seven all the way to the end of the Angle, plus a few episodes of RAW and SmackDown! that were important to the story. We will also continue past Survivor Series 2001 up to Insurrextion 2002, which was the final show produced under the "World Wrestling Federation" banner. We aren't entirely sure what we'll do after that. Our Goal? To find out if this story line deserves all the hate that it gets, or if it was better than people remember and to educate people that this story was actually great. So go ahead, sit back and enjoy the ride with us as we look back at the Invasion!

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Ep 14 - WWF Survivor Series 2001

Updated 7 months ago.

This is it. The end of the Invasion. It's Survivor Series 2001, live in Greensboro, North Cacalaci. Featuring the "Winner Take All" Survivor Series match of the WWF vs The Alliance. Was it a good sendoff for the Invasion angle? Was it a stinker? Or was it completely fitting of the era? Find out on this episode of the Invasion Podcast!!
Inspired by wrestling podcast juggernauts, the Attitude Era Podcast and OSW Review, comes the second wrestling video podcast in history, it's THE INVASION PODCAST!! Where we go back to the WWF in 2001 after the end of the Monday Night Wars, and dissect what went wrong during this potential filled, company wide angle. Will we confirm what everybody has said over the years, that the Invasion sucked? Or will we find that it's a lot better than people say? Come along with us as we try to answer that question! Join hosts Joey Pitt, Gamebox, Deadpoo, and Slip, as we look back at the Invasion!