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Tanked Radio is your chance to catch up with the tech and web news of the week. From Movie News and Reviews, Video Games to Science and Odd News We've got it all! Throw in a sprinkle of satire, a spoonful of nonconstructive social criticism and a dash of beer and you have a show for the Nintendo generation.

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Tanked 323 Show Down

Updated about 1 year ago.

Join Scott, Aaron, Ric and Chris on their bittersweet final episode. Follow up on the dude suing miller/coors for the misleading labeling on blue moon, breathable booze is probably not good, Let's buy flamethrower, Trump is a madman but we like it, Fantastic 4 bombs, Deadpool movie, Thoughts on Ant-Man, Enter a huge butt hole in japan, Speech Jammer Story Time, The most hardcore GoPro video ever shot, Food beating, Odd German ad about public toilets, ZeFrank on Kittens, 33-Year-Old Florida Man Arrested 32 Times, Florida Man Arrested Twice In 2 Weeks For Joyriding On Jail Lawn and Bra Saves German Cyclist Shot In Boar Hunting Accident.

To all of our listeners that have come, gone and stuck with us, we thank you for listening to our bullshitting over the years. We love you all.