What Would MMA Do?

Andrew and Jason lampoon the latest MMA event in a similar fashion to the other forms of media in the PizzaPartySketch family. Offensively. Note that while we may say things that might seemingly insult or belittle the fighters or the sport of MMA, we do so lovingly and have nothing but the deepest respect for fighter's and their craft.

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UFC 158 St.-Pierre vs. Diaz (Explicit)

Updated a long time ago.

Explicit. We would like to note that while we will say offensive or negative comments about the fighters or the UFC we have nothing but the highest respect for the fighters and physical and emotional sacrifices they make to perform at this level. With that said...In this episode we discuss jean jackets, the magic of home printers, and oh yeah, the fights I guess. @pizzapartysktch @zoodoo12. This episode was made without the recording or reproduction of any copyrighted material. This episode was made in a parodying manner.