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Alex Reimer has been hosting the critically acclaimed, “Without a Curse,” since July of 2005. Alex has been profiled in The Boston Globe, as well as been a guest on both “The Today Show” and “The Tonight Show” for his work on the podcast. Alex has very strong opinions, and is not afraid to share them! Anything stated on the show will be factually backed up…and if a guest doesn’t back up his opinion, then Alex will challenge them on it. In the offseason months (November-April), “Without a Curse” is published every Monday. Throughout the baseball season (April-October), “Without a Curse” becomes a bi-weekly production, published every Monday and Thursday.

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The Red Sox Should Start Planning For 2016 & Beyond

Updated 1 day ago.

Inside this edition of Without a Curse, Alex talks about the importance of planning for 2016 and beyond. It is apparent that the Red Sox are not going to make a playoff run this season. In order to get to 90 wins, they would have to win 56 of their remaining 85 games. That is not going to happen. Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino can talk about how the organization still think it can win this season all he wants, but the club's actions should say otherwise. Every move the Red Sox make should be about planning for the future, which means playing the young players, cutting chords with underperforming veterans at the end of their deals and exploring an aggressive fire sale at the trade deadline. In the "Around the League" segment, Alex talks about the not-so surprising revelations that Pete Rose bet as a player and the rule changes to the Home Run Derby. There won't be a show next week, as Alex will be on vacation. The next edition of Without a Curse will be published Monday, July 13th. Follow Alex on Twitter, @AlexReimer1.