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Alex Reimer has been hosting the critically acclaimed, “Without a Curse,” since July of 2005. Alex has been profiled in The Boston Globe, as well as been a guest on both “The Today Show” and “The Tonight Show” for his work on the podcast. Alex has very strong opinions, and is not afraid to share them! Anything stated on the show will be factually backed up…and if a guest doesn’t back up his opinion, then Alex will challenge them on it. In the offseason months (November-April), “Without a Curse” is published every Monday. Throughout the baseball season (April-October), “Without a Curse” becomes a bi-weekly production, published every Monday and Thursday.

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The Red Sox Have Built a Bridge Starting Rotation

Updated about 7 days ago.

Inside this edition of “Without a Curse,” Alex takes a look at the plethora of injuries Red Sox players have suffered so far in camp, and attempts to discern which ones are cause for legitimate concern. He also sifts through Tom Verducci’s column defending the Red Sox’s rotation, which generated quite a stir last week. Though some of Verducci’s individual arguments are cherry-picked, Alex says his greater point about the declining importance of an ace in baseball is a good one. On the ace topic, Alex shares his theory on the Red Sox’s rotation. Hint: it involves the word “bridge.” In the “Around the League” segment, Alex talks about the feasibility of an international draft for amateur players. Though it may be difficult to coordinate in theory, Alex says it may become a necessity given the difference in signing bonuses that international players receive from American-born prospects. Follow Alex on Twitter, @AlexReimer1.