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The David Spoon Experience - HR. 1 - 06/14/17

Updated 2 months ago.

​DDD: Don’t Choose to Lose, you can choose to sin or choose not to sin. You can offer you self up everyday to be used as a weapon for unrighteousness or righteousness. You don't have to sin. Lake Tamakwa, Dave talks about his youth summer camp and flipping a canoe and needing help and being rescue and relates that to the Lord rescuing us because of God we get to breath and exists. In dark time
Making the Wrong Decision if you make a mistake and it's detrimental God is there to help you. Today's Facebook Post: One Question…for Character… the first question you ask God tells a lot about where you are in your walk with the Lord. Maybe the first question we ask is "Is this your will?" God is doing what's He's doing for us.