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Welcome to The Lifted Scene meditation podcast featuring your hosts Vanzell Kirk III and Ryan Summers. You can find us on instagram @gainsnganja and @notsummers and @theliftedscene / Thanks for listening! We hope you can gain value from what we have to offer and being a part of The Lifted Scene.

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Ep 7 - how come you da best?

Updated 3 months ago.

Today's show was dope asf! It's been almost two weeks since our last Ep but we apologize on behalf of our traveling asses.. it was worth it! Today we talked about New Orleans / Denver / healthy eating habits / Shoutouts & Reviews / our favorite conspiracies / we smoke a doob of "green crack" and drink orange spice tea.

Ep 7's intro and outro music is brought to you by Mangchi Hammer, one of the greatest bands in the world.

Shoutouts to Dave Choe, Steebee Weebee, the entire DVDASA squad, Money Mark, Heather Leather and the rest of Mangchi Hammer.

Go watch the Steebee Weebee show on youtube!

The Lifted Scene hosts:
@gainsnganja - Vanzell Kirk III
@notsummers - Ryan Summers