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What is education?

Updated about 12 days ago.

Monday we will be talking about “What Is Education?” We will be going in depth as to what that truly is. Don’t miss this day!

Tuesday our personal development day we will be talking about “Tips To Study”. As we launch our new courses (Tracks) I want to give you some tips that will help you retain this information so you can get your mind working.

Wednesday, our metaphysical day, we will be talking about “What They Want You To Know”.

Thursday is normally our book study day, but this is a special Thursday as we will be launching our new Tracks. I will go over in depth about the new Tracks and also discuss our new MorningCoach VIP Coaching Program for those of you that are ready to take things to the next level.

Friday, our prosperity and abundance day, we will be talking about “Education Momentum”. We will discuss how to get the momentum going to create wealth. We will also go into depth on “Value” and how this relates.

We’ve got a SUPER HUGE week this week!