The TGO Challenge Podcast Series

This podcast series is a compilation of audio programs from the TGO Challenge recorded over a number of years since 2006. The format is that of an audio diary and each year we talk to different 'challengers' about their route, their inspiration and their experience. The TGO Challenge is annual walking event which was created in 1980 to promote fellowship between backpackers and hikers and involves walking approximately 200 miles from the West coast to the East coast of Scotland during May of each year. Each walker is unsupported and is expected to be able to navigate across open ground and mountains to achieve their goal. The Challenge is a backpacking event – you’ll need to carry everything on your back, including food and shelter – but it’s up to you whether you camp all the way across or use a mixture of camping, hostels and B&Bs. The extraordinary hospitality offered by many establishments has become legendary over the event’s 30+ years. The Challenge is entirely non-competitive. On finishing successfully, all Challengers receive a special badge, certificate and T-shirt. A maximum of 15 days is allowed for the crossing. Most people take between 12 and 14 days, and the average length is about 180 miles. Remember that the Challenge is a walking event: routes involving running will be rejected. The minimum age for entering is 18. While there is no maximum age, older Challengers are strongly advised to have a full medical check-up. The maximum number in a group is four. Many Challengers walk solo or with a companion. Dogs are not permitted. More information can be found here >

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TGO Challenge 2006 - Pt 1

Updated a long time ago.

Part one of a ten part series which covers the 200 mile walk in May from the West Coast to East Coast of Scotland as part of the 2006 TGO Challenge.

This episode includes arriving by train at Lochailort, walking on Friday past Loch Beoraid to waking up in camp, Saturday morning.