TWH! - The White House with Elon James White

Elon James White and his crew of merry makers kick back and discuss politics, sex, religion and interview some of NYC's funniest comics while trying not to murder each other. Watch as the departments of Hate, Knowing $H!T, Sassy Whiteness and Loose Cannon-ry collide over controversial topics creating a great show. Welcome to The White House. Featuring Hassan Madry, Jess Wood, Aaron Freeman, Fahnon Bennett, Neil Charles, Emily Epstein and Desiree Burch

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TWH! - Bonus Ep - A Race of Supermen Pt. 1

Updated a long time ago.

Elon James White and the TWH! Crew are arguing the validity of the Black Man legend. With 4 black guys on the show, the each claim that THEY ARE LEGEND. Jess begs to differ. Arguments ensue.

Featuring Hassan Madry, Jess Wood, Neil Charles, Aaron Freeman, Fahnon Bennett and Emily Epstein.