Ordinary Humans Podcast

You know, I've really been sitting on this idea for awhile. Oddly enough one of my passions is just talking to people. Throughout my day I talk to a wide variety of people. Each and every person has a unique story and i like to learn about different lifestyles. From an early age I started watching people. Not in a weird, creepy, stalker way. Just observant. I often found myself trying to place my in exact moments of other peoples lives. Whether wondering what it was like through the eyes of a soldier invading Normandy, or the stranger smoking a cigarette at the local gas station. People just interest me. I figure, if I'm interested in people, maybe other people are interested in people. I am new to the pod-casting thing, so that will be a fun journey. I plan to invite all comers to tell there story. We are all important, and we all have a gift. I'm hoping to maybe give a platform for some of the people in my local community. Maybe even a celebrity or two. I plan to share my daily struggles, as well as my journey through the comedy world as well. Hey, I can can dream.

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OHP #2 Cory Irwin

Updated about 10 days ago.

My brother and I were just shooting the breeze so we decided to just record a podcast. Enjoy