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Lexi Belle: Episode #152

Updated about 4 days ago.

Dick got thrown off of "America's Got Talent" because his talent wasn't family-friendly enough. They must have boring families! In this episode, Dangle and The Stepfather have a world of perverted madness ready for you to enjoy! First, there is story of a possible business venture that targets those with a sweet tooth! Then they bring you a couple of videos that include how the stars chose porn and a boating incident (you'll get it, trust me!). Articles include spelling issues, millennials and the hook up culture, being naked in the U.S.A., and how manners matter. Finally, there is a fun of interview with the absolutely stunning Lexi Belle from Blush Gentlemen's Club! She talks about her love of snowboarding, acting, fan interactions and her iconic scenes! And please use your talents wisely!