Date Like A French Woman is the podcast for women who typically attract painful relationships that don't work. In this show Murielle Fellous, relationship coach and founder of will share tips and transformational tools to help you become the one who would attract the love that you really want in your life. Murielle's philosophy can be summarized as: Know how you get in your own way and shift it so you can get where you want to be and love yourself in the process. Because Self-love is one of the pillars of her coaching, she will have monthly guests who will provide you with advices and resources to practice Self-love from all angles. You can also submit questions about relationships or attraction to be addressed on the show at

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#12 Let's talk healthy relationship with food and exercise

Updated about 8 days ago.

The host: Murielle Fellous relationship coach and founder of Date Like A French Woman

This episode is falling under our "look and feel your best to go dating" and Murielle is
interviewing Lauren Clayton who talks about getting over behavioral patterns issues around food and exercise.

Lauren Clayton is a Integrative Health Practitioner, Life Coach, Health Coach and Certified Yoga Instructor. She holds a Master’s in Science degree in Psychology and integrates Psychology, energy work and nutrition in her private practice to help clients finally release malignant behavior patterns around food and exercise.
For more information or to contact Lauren visit