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The David Spoon Experience - HR. 2 - 04/28/17

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DDD: The Laundry List Dave talks about himself Praying in the morning to get himself focused. David has a laundry list of things he brings to The Lord which isn't wrong but sometimes it's as if The Lord doesn't already know. Matthew 6:31-32. God is all knowing .Our Heavily Father knows what he need. God is all knowing. It’s NOT News Dave talks about the purpose of Prayer. It's not new when you Pray and spend time with God. He knows what you need...not give you whatever you want. He even knows what you need even before you ask. Why Pray you ask, we don't Pray to inform or impress God no we Pray to spend time with God and He likes when we spend time with Him.

Less Blab, More Listen Matthew 6:7 When we talk to God don't keep babbling, speaking more in Prayer does not make God respond better. Psalm 46:10 There is a way to commune with God without talking a lot. It's often a show for other people. Dave challenges us, in our first minute of Prayer know you're in His presence but don't saying anything. Recognize His honor. The Reason and the Answer The bottom line Psalm 73: 25-28 Enjoying God and getting closer to Him.