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The David Spoon Experience - HR. 2 - 06/28/17

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DDD: Deja Prophecy. Prophecy has two meanings it's foretelling and forth telling . Prophecy's speaking about the future are conditional Jeremiah 18: 7-8 and non- conditional Luke 21:25-28. That’s kind of Harsh Dave tells of a time when he had a dream of watching TV he's never seen on a couch he'd never seen watching a NBA game he's never seen in a house he'd never been in and then 4 years later he was there in the house. In the dream he remember feeling down and frustrated sometimes, we feel like Jonah John 6:60-69 Sometimes what God has to say and teach is hard, but really where else can we go? Dave's dream forewarned him of the feelings he was going to have. Look to the REAL Stars the Lord may have a task for you. It took Noah 100 years to build the ark he never quit, we need to do the same Acts 4:1 no stopping. Live…in the Ultimate Answer Galatians 6:9.