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The David Spoon Experience - HR. 2 - 03/20/17

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DDD: Where are Thou…Lord? There may be times where it feels like God isn't hearing your prayers. When things are difficult you can trust God and access them through Praise.That "Trust God" thing really works. Beam me out here is the ticket Praise is our transporter. Did you know that there is power over darkness in the act of Praise and Worship? 1Samuel 16:14-23 The dark realm can't stand it when we Praise the Lord. It doesn’t have to be heavy Isaiah 61:3 Put on garment of Praise for the Spirit of despair. Garment of Praise will move you out of despair. Everyone has something to Praise God about. Matthew 6:7-9 When Jesus teaches us to Pray to Father, He starts with ... "Hallowed be your name" Because Praise & Worship create an intimate dynamic with the Father.
Proving …the Loving! Verbal appreciation Praise/Worship demonstrates love Matthew 22:36-38 well, that's the chief commandment!