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Join the boys of the Taylor Network - Chris, Christopher, Juan, Rafael, Tom and Darrell – sit down and discuss all things comics - and some things not so comic. It’s an open and honest discussion where anything goes. No Apologies – you have been warned…

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No Apologies ep 169 Brown Out

In this episode we discuss Daredevil 1.50, Detective 30, Moon Knight 2, Ghost Rider 2, Birds of Prey 27, Shutter 1, Batman Eternal 1, Iron Fist 1,Inhumanity 1, Also join us at this years Awesome con happening April 18-20 You can also hear the show on Stitcher This podcast is sponsored by Friendly Neighborhood Comics Discount Comic Book Services Instock Trades Valiant Entertainment Join us on the facebook group page Taylor Network of podcasts Leave us email by putting the show you are commenting on in the heading Follow us on twitter: @taylornetwork