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3 Reasons Why Beck-and-Call is NOT a Better Business

Updated 3 months ago.

Today we are going to talk about 3 Reasons Why Beck-and-Call is Not Better Business and working my appointment only is better client service.

There is a huge misconception that the best business is a business that is at the beck-and-call of its clients. The truth is that the best business is a business that effectively sets boundaries, and manages and exceeds client expectations in order to maintain a productive and effective flow.

If you are constantly juggling clients, answering the phone at all hours of the day, interrupting your personal time to fit in business, and feeling stressed, here are 3 Reasons Why Beck-and-Call is Not Better Business.

1. It’s Impossible to Manage Client Expectations
Without structure and a solid foundation of rules and regulations, managing client expectations is impossible. They will expect the world, and will be sorely disappointed, when you do not deliver it. In other words, without boundaries, it’s quite possible they will expect everything.

You may find yourself, at one point or another, running yourself ragged juggling multiple clients, all of whom expect your undivided attention. When you find it impossible to meet the expectations of your clients, your business will suffer in more than one way. You’ll be exhausted and clients will be left dissatisfied. No one wins.

Client expectations can only be effectively managed by outlining specific deliverables from the very beginning. If this isn’t possible (if the working relationship has already begun), then establish and communicate boundaries to clients as soon as you can.

2. It’s Impossible to Effectively Manage Your Business
Imagine how effectively you can manage your business when you’re struggling to meet multiple demands of multiple clients? Instead of having time to focus on building your business, you’ll be struggling just to maintain it. That’s no way to run your business. It’s much like multi-tasking - it doesn’t work well.

If you’re consumed with meeting the high demands of unbridled client expectations, your business isn’t running with the greatest effectiveness or efficiency. You’re spending too much time on an overly demanding client, instead of focusing on other areas of your business that also require your attention in order to be successful.

You know you’re not effectively running your business (it’s actually running you) when:

• You become exhausted and resentful of demanding clients (and eventually become resentful of your business, which detracts from your path of success).

• Highly demanding clients without a ceiling on expectations are impossible to please (and miserable to work with).

• Clients with irrational or unreasonable expectations never provide glowing business reviews (they’re often negative and damage your professional reputation).

• You must have time to focus on other areas of your business other than client service (like finding and signing on prospective clients).

• Instead of creating a straight path to success, you’re running yourself (and your business) into the ground.

3. It’s Impossible to Maintain Peace and Balance
If you’re constantly juggling unreasonable client expectations, it will be impossible to maintain any sense of peace and balance in your personal or professional life. You may feel like you’re sacrificing your personal life for your business, or the important professional tasks that cannot be completed because you’re catering to an overly-demanding client.

At some point, hopefully before total burnout, you learn to recognize what’s really important: sometimes saying no is the best thing. It’s vital to learn to say no to over-delivering on services clients have not paid for; no to things you do more out of obligation rather than joy; no to things that consume your schedule leaving little or no down time or freedom to do what you truly want and love to do. When you’ve overextended yourself too far the only way to regain a sense of peace and balance is to say no. (You can always say ‘yes’ later.)

You’re not alone. It’s common for business owners to find difficulty in saying no, especially to their clients. Pay special attention if you see this habit playing out in multiple areas of your life, because it may be a symptom of a much bigger problem: seeking approval.

Clients are necessary, but you do not have to sell your soul to win their business. You do not have to be at their beck-and-call to earn their approval. You are a professional, providing a valuable service to a valuable client - that is the focus and the extent of your relationship - and it’s perfect just that way. There is no one’s approval to meet. You only need focus on delivering the best service and what you promised to deliver.

Establish client boundaries that support your personal definition of peace and balance. What works best for you? However that looks, design client boundaries to support your personal and professional life - and the success of your business. Deliver what the client agreed to pay for - no more, no less - and strive to deliver your absolute best each and every time - that’s good business practice.

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