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Creative Control is a different kind of pro wrestling podcast, that focuses on booking, character development, angles, and all of the backstage and pre show work that goes into professional wrestling. Each show will feature a different guest, who will discuss their experiences in the business, their beliefs in how wrestling should be presented, and a whole hell of a lot more! Past guests have included Jeff Jarrett, Cliff Compton, Ed Ferrara, Homicide, Joel Gertner, JJ Dillon, Les Thatcher, The Blue Meanie and more!

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Episode 90 with Homicide

Updated about 14 days ago.

On this episode of Creative Control, we welcome back former Ring Of Honor World Champion, and former X Division Champion HOMICIDE of the reformed LAX.

We cover alot, with one of our favorite guests, including:

- his indy appearances from mid 2016 to the present, including a match with Dan Severn, working with CZW, and teaming with Low Ki and Eddie Kingston

- his shoulder injury, and how he is feeling today

- returning to Impact Wrestling as part of the reformed LAX

- His thoughts on Jeff Jarrett, Dutch Mantell, and Bruce Prichard all returning as well

- his memories of the incarnation of LAX that included Hector Guerrero

- LAX's feud and hardcore match with Decay

- The funeral for Decay, and his improvised dance steps

- his allies Low Ki and Eddie Kingston working for Impact, and what he sees for them in the future

- Impact Wrestling returning to PPV on July 2nd, with Slammiversary XV, and some of his favorite TNA PPV memories

Homicide will be working two big matches this weekend, including for WildKat Sports & Entertainment's debut at the 2300 (ECW) Arena on Saturday June 10th. He also will face Matt Riddle for Tier One Wrestling in Brooklyn on Sunday June 11th.

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