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Episode 93: Harrison Returns!

Updated 3 months ago.

You read that right! The full crew is together once again! Hello there and welcome to episode 93 of Nintendo Voice, recorded live on the 24th of May. On this episode Lewis Pugh and Colin Crompton are joined once again by Harrison Milfeld. Unfortunately this doesn't last too long as Colin's internet decides to not work after 20 minutes.

Anyway, this week we cover what we've been playing and the latest Nintendo news including the latest ARMS focused direct!

As ever, if you would like to get in the touch with the show, you can do so via:

Twitter: @NintendoVoice

Music used for this episode is:
Intro: Rayman Legends: Orchestral Chaos (8-bit version).
Outro: ARMS main theme.

Enjoy the show!