The Emerging Markets Podcast

BRIC expert, David Thomas, regularly travels to the "BRIC" countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) facilitating business and investment opportunities for entrepreneurs, business leaders and organisations in emerging economies. This video podcast is a must for those following developments and opportunities in the emerging world.

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Think Global with David Thomas - China Going Green

Updated a long time ago.

BRIC Expert, David Thomas interviews Andrew Winston, a leading US expert on how businesses and companies can navigate and profit from humanity’s biggest challenges, notably climate change. The topic was "China Going Green".

Andrew is a thought leader, speaker and author and his views on sustainable corporate strategies have been sought after by many of the world’s leading companies, including Boeing, HP and Unilever. His highly acclaimed book, The Big Pivot, provides a practical roadmap to help leaders build resilient, thriving companies and communities in a volatile world.