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The David Spoon Experience Podcast. Local, National, AND Heavenly Talk. It's a cross between Steve Martin, Sean Hannity, and Focus on the Family!

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The David Spoon Experience - HR. 1 - 06/13/17

Updated 2 months ago.

DDD: Inspired Ecclesiastes 12:11 The words of the wise inspire you. The purpose of Scripture is to guide and give you wisdom.Chosen by God…When? You are chosen by God, in His choosing of us He did it BEFORE the foundation of the world was made. We are so import to God that we were a part of building the world. Be Real! Act 5:11 Don't be worry about being accepted by man. Don't insult God you can't lie to the Holy Spirit. Hang on…to Humility If the Lord is feeding you humble pie eat it because when you take the position of humility you gain favor in the moment from God.