Group Show

Group Show is a five episode podcast series by Caitlin Merrett King covering topics like work, collaboration and criticism. The podcast was conceived of as part of 12ø's S/S17 curatorial residency as an exploration into expanded curatorial practice. Each episode includes a mixture of interviews, sound commissions and regular features covering artist-led activity around the UK. An audio interpretation of the busy, messy, exciting squishing together that happens in group shows.

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Updated about 4 days ago.

The second episode of Group Show is all about CRITICISM. First off, Gary Zhang talks to three different curators and critics about the relevance of art criticism today, followed by some musings on 'All What Jazz: A Record Diary' by Philip Larkin from Francisco Garcia, and a track responding to the theme of the episode from Jamie Hudson. Next, an interview with Morgan Quaintance by Lou from 12ø on how to get writing jobs and THAT Virginia Whiles Art Monthly podcast. We then hear the first half of 12ø's Bad Reviews feature followed by an intermission by Tzuzjj.FM (James Harper and Louis Palliser-Ames). The White Pube discuss objectivity and subjectivity in their regular Glossary feature, and finally Freya Dooley chats about the Cardiff art scene with Sam Hasler followed by two poems, 'CD player' and 'She is hearty, she loves beef'.

The next episode is about Collaboration and comes out on the 27th August.