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Deep Headspace - Mark Perez - July 2014

Updated about 1 year ago.

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I'm back! If you remember the last mix I put out was entitled "Been Down" and little did I know at the time was that it would be the start of a year long musical depression. I apologize to the fans of faceofbass.com for the silence, it was a combo of depression, gear breaking down and lack of motivation. Fear not though! I now have gear in working order and the tunes never stopped coming in from all of the great labels, so here is what i've been up to DJing wise. This one is a little longer than the usual faceofbass mix, so roll one up Colorado style and let's dig into the tracklisting.


Artist - Track (remix) - Record Label

01. Aya - Sean - Naked Music

02. KqueSol - I Am A Believer - Kquewave

03. The Advocate & Cei Bei - Love Will Save The Day (Twisted Rush) - Dowa Entertainment

04. King Ben ft Manzi - Ngoba (Idi Asad & The Ace) - Liquidistic Vibe Records

05. Les Loups ft Cybil - Colourblind - Unsigned

06. Erb - The Weekend (Vocal mix) - Rush Hour

07. Dinkis - Sunday Times - Look Ahead

08. Deejay Nights,John B,Thibo - Joy N' Happiness - Soul Shift

09. Alfalfa Flite - Discover Me - Llama Farm

10. Ian Pooley - What I Do - Pooley Music

11. Dirty Disco Stars - Shine - Emby

12. Steve Synfull - Dance And Groove - Deep Street Recordings

13. Squirt D & CRS - Holiday (Samma Lone) - Skeet Traxx

14. Evren Futuma - Love - Plastic City,Play

15. Pete Le Freq ft. Kelley Farrell - Wanna Dance (Less Vocal Dub) - Llama Farm

16. Pete Le Freq - Company - Llama Farm

17. Pete Le Freq ft Coco Street - Give It Up - Llama Farm

18. Bruno Browning - Red Light - Soulsupplement Records

19. The Sunchasers - Dance For Me - La Musique Fantastique

20. Moshun - Revival (Original) - Ficus Tree Music

21. Junk Yard Rhythm Section - Weebay - Arabica

22. Chad Tyson - Heard It Like This - Wigwam

23. Cubik - How You Have Made This Far - Deep Wave

24. UC Beatz - My Tea Is Cold (Original) - Soulsupplement Records

25. Christian Malloni - Muzik (Original) - So Sound Recordings

26. Rampa ft. Meggy - Everything - Defected

27. PIF - My Groove My Way (Kraanweerk Special Sounds Edit)

28. Jeff Service - Buck's Pitch - Ficus Tree Music

29. M-Capio - We're Just Passing Through (Lee Hodge) - Aspect Audio

30. Tidy Daps - Attention - Drizzle Music

As always give it up for the artists that make us all this great music, with out them you wouldn't have this mix to listen to. If you really like a song, dig deeper and check out the artist and support their music. I found most of these on STOMPY.com, and even more of them straight from the producers themselves. SUPPORT!

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