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Free monthly funky house tunes mixed by M. Perezidente from the mile high city Denver, Colorado. Generally all that is heard on this podcast will be funky and soulful. Check out www.facefbass.com and follow me on twitter @faceofbass or on Facebook.com/DJMarkPerez For extra credit check out my weekly podcast @ www.SUBherbANHouseRadio.com

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Disco Down Set Hut! - Mark Perez & Justin Reis - June 2008

Head to www.faceofbass.com to download this month's DJ mix from Mark Perez and Justin Reis Been a minute since i've posted and I figured i'd show you that I'm alive and well. I tend to get wrapped up with what I got going on at SUBherbAN House Radio that I neglect this site. I got a treat for you. If you remember a mix series entitled Disco, Down, Set, Hut! than you are seriously on OG as far as faceofbass.com goes. Hell I think when we released this that web address just pointed to some free hosting I had on the web. Either way to prep you guys for the eventual release of DDSH 3rd and Long, I will be putting up the first two editions to get you n00bs up to date. This is just a quirky mix series Justin and I put together while watching some football. Disco and football? It's a match made in heaven if you ask me! Of course with the funky disco house tunes came one of my prouder moments in my ghetto-shopping of album covers career. These are some funky disco-y tunes from around June 2008 so enjoy and get ready for part 2 following shortly! Here is the tracklisting Artist Title Mix 01. Sideshow - Philly Soundworks - Original Mix 02. Terrance Dizko & S Funk - Funk My Way 03. Jazzmopper J - Might As Well Dance 04. Jazzmopper J - Love Abuse 05. The Golosines - Da Best Bit 06. Thomas White - Feelin Alright 07. Special Interest - Do It 08. Joey Youngman - 45 Funk 09. Dave Miller - The Music 10. Jimpster - Square Up - Original Mix 11. Groove Armada - Love Sweet Sound - Nic Fanciulli Remix 12. The Sound Diggers & Andrew Macari - Muddy Feet 13. The Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage - Fred Falke Remix 14. Dousk - Serenata Deluxe - Original Mix This mix will always be availble on www.faceofbass.com but for a free high quality download check out www.soundcloud.com/faceofbass but hurry cause it's only there till next months mix is up! Subscribe to the faceofbass.com podcast and have new DJ mixes sent directly to your computer, smartphone or iTunes as soon as they are up for download @ http://feeds.feedburner.com/Faceofbass Get at me: www.facebook.com/DJMarkPerez www.twitter.com/faceofbass MPRZ303@Gmail.com for booking and other inquiries for extra credit check out my weekly DJ mix podcast SUBherbAN House Radio www.SUBherbANHouseRadio.com and the whole family of internet shows at www.RerunPodcasts.net