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Covenants: God Pursues

Updated about 3 days ago.

Join us as Executive Pastor Brian Boone continues part 6 of our Sound Doctrine Series as he unpacks Covenants: God Pursues! Like it or not You and I and all of mankind are under 2 covenants that God has established and both have eternal significance. In today’s message we learn: (1) What is a covenant (2) What type of Covenant does God make with Mankind (3) How God has made 7 covenants to pursue mankind not come along to make bad people good, but to make dead people alive: Adamic Covenant (Genesis 2:15-17) Edenic Covenant (Genesis 3:14-15) Noah Covenant (Genesis 9:8-15) Abraham Covenant (Genesis 12:1-3) Mosaic Covenant (Exodus 19:3-6) Davidic Covenant (2 Samuel 7:7-14) New Covenant (Jeremiah 31:31-34) Tune in to today’s message and then share it with a world that has lost the significance of the covenant it is under! For more information on Reverb Church go to: