Ever feel like 24 hours isn't enough? Like your checking account is always overdrawn? Our culture encourages us to live life at a breakneck pace -- constantly on the go, constantly on the spend. Margin is about learning how to restore balance to 2 key areas of your life -- Time & Finances. How great would it be to have breathing room in your schedule? To finally stop living life "in the red?" Learn how to live a life of Margin-- where you have enough time & enough money... Breathing room to truly live.

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Margin pt 7 - Testing God

Updated over 8 years ago.

Would you dare to test God with your money?

In Malachi 3, God issues an incredible challenge: inviting us to "test Him" in this most personal area of our lives and see if He won't pour out so much blessing that we'll lack the room to contain it!

There are all sorts of reasons for declining this financial challenge ("I can't afford to... I have debt... I don't trust the church..."). But then again: What if?

What if... you offered God your firstfruits (instead of leftovers)?

What if... you prioritized God's Kingdom (instead of your own)?

What if... you shared your M&Ms (instead of eating them all yourself)?

What might God do? If you put God first in your finances, could He really be trusted to lead you into a life of money margin? Listen in as Pastor Tim describes this incredible challenge and dares to ask "What if?"

Part 7 of the series "Margin"