Rebirthically is a weekly discussion of the DC Rebirth comic line. A novice, an intermediate , and a veteran DC reader talk likes and dislikes while 'gently' ribbing each other. Join Paul, Ronnie, and Aaron as they talk the capes and cowls we all know and love.

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Ep 48: Who's Ready For Wonder Woman

Updated 3 months ago.

Apparently not Ronnie (@ronbar316) and Aaron (@aaronsbell), as they both forgot to read the newest issue of the series. What did they remember to read to talk about? The Spoiler-centric issue of Detective Comics. The (maybe not as satisfying) conclusion of the latest Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns arc. The continuation of the surprise enjoyment they both find in Batgirl. Is JrJr still on Suicide Squad? How much Batman Beyond reminds them of the cartoon series. And a full recap of the Lazarus Contract crossover between Titans, Teen Titans, and the always fantastic Deathstroke. All this and more on an all new, all different episode of Rebirthically! (@NLRebirthically,