The 7 Most Costly Mistakes Sales Managers Make

Audio version of the 7 most costly mistakes sales managers make by Ian Segail, author of Bulletproof Your Sales Team

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Costly Mistake #6

Updated over 5 years ago.

What your people are actually saying when they are face 2 face with customers/prospects?

There’s an old cliché, which says that "It's not what you say, but how you say it." In truth, when it comes to winning or losing sales, we as sales leaders, for the most part, do not really know either about our salespeople. We know neither what our people are really asking or saying, nor how they are asking or saying it (unless we are in retail or managing a telemarketing sales team)
Until and unless you, as the sales leader, get out into the field and witness firsthand what is being said, or not said; what is being done, or not done, then and only then can you TRULY KNOW WHY your people are dropping the ball. This cannot be done from your office.

Can you imagine a sports coach providing player feedback without watching the game? It sounds ludicrous doesn’t? Yet sales leaders do this all day every day!