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No 399 - LEJOG Barefoot Running

Updated about 13 days ago.

This is an interview with Alex Kashefi, who is about to attempt the very unique challenge of running from Lands End to John O’Groats during his summer break from teaching at secondary school. Alex is a biology teacher and although running the LEJOG isn’t new, doing it ‘barefoot’ is! Yes, 1206 miles without the use of shoes, support or protection, carrying his own equipment all the way and relying on the generosity of strangers and a budget of £10 a day to succeed. Do listen and take in the enormity of the task ahead. Please support him in some way if you can. Join him on route, share some food, some water or even offer him a bed. This is going to be a unique experience and everyone is waiting to see what his feet will look like when he reaches his goal.