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No 383 - Wild Camp 4

Updated 27 minutes ago.

The Wild Camp series continues and in this episode I’m going back in time, yes even before Goretex and Dyneema. I’m going back on this particular walk some 4500 years! Taking inspiration from a listener who wrote early on in this series and suggested I should combine the walk with some history I visit the Neolithic area of Avebury a World Heritage Site some 14 times the size of Stonehenge, but considerably less well known. We take in West Kennet Barrow, Silbury Hill, Avebury Stones and the Avenue and combine it with a walk along the ancient drovers route The Ridgeway, for a wild camp one frosty cold night. Come and join me and see how I get on using a quilt in a bivvy bag, under a tarp, under a night sky full of stars.