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No 368 - Four Year Cycle Trip - Pt 3

Hard to believe it was over 2 years ago when I first spoke with Warren and Esther Sanders who at the time were a year into their 4 year around the world cycle trip. Please check out Podcast No 339 and 340. So where are they now, how did they get there and are they fed up with all that pedal pushing? Time to catch up with the emotional ride they have been having as much as the physical. We chat about some really tough times and conditions which make the simple things in life so difficult to do. But this is the beginning of the end for them. In less than 5 months they will be back home. Already you can hear this is impacting on their thoughts and emotions. So sit back, log into 'The Sports Wool Diaries' to catch up and dream your next few hours away as you think about 'your' ideal big trip! Part 4 will follow shortly. Enjoy!