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No 376 - Spoonfest 2014

Updated about 1 month ago.

Spoonfest. Ever heard of it? No, neither had I until last month. Its an annual gathering in Edale Derbyshire, where a few hundred people gather together in a field to make wooden spoons. That's it! Not just spoons, but everything associated with this craft. Spoons, scoops, cups, butter knives and virtually anything one could carve from a humble tree branch. It's a whole new world, a revolution and a celebration in this natural craft using basic tools. All levels are catered for and with 24 courses a day, over a three day period there's no excuse to not learn something new, enjoyable and totally refreshingly simple. This podcast explores the event, the people and the different impact that making the humble spoon, makes on then. Well I for one am totally hooked! Put the website in your web browser for next time