JK's Happy Hour is a comic’s podcast where we talk to comics professionals live at the Pub. The show has the 3 following mission statements: 1.) Provide listeners with an insight to what it’s like to work in any industry as an artist, writer, creator, etc. 2.) Introduce new readers to comics, art, sci-fi and just general fun, while also informing longtime fans 3.) Entertain the listeners, enjoy the company and get drunk! Comics, sci-fi, and drinking with friends are fun! First and foremost, this podcast should also be FUN!

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JK's Happy Hour : The talking apes go to space

Updated about 1 month ago.

In this episode we have writer Scott Tipton over to talk about the upcoming Star Trek/ Planet of the Apes crossover as well as the current Star Trek: City on the Edge of Forever comic mini series. follow us twitter @JKsHappyHour you can also hear on us stitcher http://www.stitcher.com/ http://jkwoodwardart.blogspot.com/