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The Butcher’s Apron is a theme-time radio show that invites and explores the unexpected. Each month we comb the stretch of this peculiar land to bring you fascinating features, interviews and stories from Britain’s soft underside. Investigating artistic, cultural and scientific eccentricities through your stories, it's essential for a life worth living.

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Meats #6 The Magician

Updated 4 months ago.

In this sixth and final episode of The Butcher's Apron 'Meats', Emma and Nadine meet 'The Magician'. Laura London is the resident magician at the London Hippodrome Casino and the youngest female magician ever to be inducted into the hallowed Magic Circle. Specialising in sleight of hand 'close-up' magic, she has some (flame red) hair-raising stories to boot. Here she speaks to The Butcher’s Apron about tricks, tipples and the power of illusion.