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The Butcher’s Apron is a theme-time radio show that invites and explores the unexpected. Each month we comb the stretch of this peculiar land to bring you fascinating features, interviews and stories from Britain’s soft underside. Investigating artistic, cultural and scientific eccentricities through your stories, it's essential for a life worth living.

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Meats #2 The Policeman

In this second episode of The Butcher2019s Apron 'Meats', Emma and Nadine interview Shomrim volunteer Shulem Stern. In Hebrew Shomrim means "watchers" or "guards" and is the name given to organisations of volunteer Jewish civilian patrols which have been set up in Hasidic neighbourhoods all over the world. On the beat 24 hours a day, this is a neighbourhood watch like no other, and one you probably didn2019t know existed. Here, Shulem talks to The Butcher's Apron about suspects, spirituality and saving the day.