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Episode 95: Ultra Stars (E3 Predictions Super Show)

Updated 2 months ago.

Hello there! Welcome to Nintendo Voice's E3 prediction super show! Recorded on the 7th of June. It's a big show to get through as Lewis
Pugh, Harrison Milfeld and Colin Crompton take you through the latest news, followed by our E3 predictions and the Bonus Round! It gets a
little wild, even Reboot gets a mention in there! (Yes, the very first CG TV show).

As ever you can get in touch with the show via:

Twitter: @NintendoVoice

Music used for this episode is:
Intro:Banjo Tooie - HAG 1 theme
Outro: Super Mario Galaxy - King Bowser theme

(I may have been listening to a lot of boss themes lately - Colin)

Enjoy the show!