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A show about the nerdy things in life without going into too much of a tangent (well maybe sometimes). Vince Mostajo and Anthony Rivera stay on topic as much as they can, and they infuse a little bit of knowledge and comedy to blend in as well. Parental discretion advised, or if you're a parent who doesn't care, then shame on you (but tell your friends though). Have a nice day!

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Keeping It Nerd #8 - Defenders Delight

Updated about 26 days ago.

Who's ready to play some defense? You guessed it, Vince and Anthony do.

On this episode, our almighty heroes Vince (@vinsanity09) and Anthony (@murseant) break down each of the Defenders' individual series which can be found on Netflix. They talk about what they like, what they hate, what they're excited about, and why Iron Fist should be called Iron Bi*ch (just sayin...).

Special thanks to Reyna for doing our promos, shout out to Tonez & Re-C ( for the intro song, "Kyoto", and Evan King ( for "Alpha Channels", the official theme of Keeping It Nerd.

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