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Keeping It Nerd #10 - Lines, Legos, and Lamenting at SDCC 17

Updated about 16 days ago.

Double digit delightfulness as our heroes, Vince (@vinsanity09) and Anthony (@murseant) discuss Vince's experiences from San Diego Comic Con 2017.

Vince hates lines, was caught off guard by Legos, and lamented over the fact that merch is unfairly distributed. But it's not all bad peeps, Vince goes into detail about getting to meet David Tennant and dining with the Stranger Things kids.

Where was Anthony during all of this? Back home in the Bay, jealousy brewing over people getting to go to SDCC. To his credit though, he just got back from a near month-long vacation (don't feel bad).

Special thanks to Reyna (@reynax81) and Ray Hom from or MEMCast in providing our promos for this episode. Another thanks goes to DJ Quads ( for letting us use his song, "Always", Steven O'Brien for his song "Epic Music No. 2", and as always, a huge thank you for his awesome song, Evan King ( with "Alpha Channels" heard on this episode and on every episode of Keeping It Nerd.

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