Justin's Apartment

Featuring Justin Mallari and Anthony Rivera. This is a podcast about how one guy, Anthony, just shows up whenever to Justin's apartment so they can record their thoughts and speak their mind about pop culture, 80's movies, sports, and the random funny adventures they have. Intro music provided by The Good Lawdz titled "A Lil Sumthin Sumthin'". Podcast artwork altered from a photo provided by Flickr user jk079 via creative commons licensing.

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JA - #24 - CONvergence at the CON (Live from SDCC 2015)

Updated a long time ago.

Hello again Justin's Apartment fans, or should we say Roommates!!! Justin (@justinmallari on IG and @justin_mallari on Twitter) and Anthony (@murseant on errythang) have a chat with the infamous Ray Hom (RayHom.com and MindEraseMedia.com). They discuss the ins and outs of being at San Diego Comic Con, the people they saw, and with Ray on the show, it always leads to pornography. This episode was recorded for Ray's podcast M.E.MCast and the Justin's Apartment version of the recording serves as an abridged version to his (look out for Episode 9 of M.E.MCast coming soon). Visit us at http://JustinsApartment.com. Intro music this week is "Nighttime" by Vendetta, and serving up our usual theme song is The Good Lawdz with their track "A Lil Sumthin Sumthin." Enjoy Roommates!!!