What Did You Watch This Week?

“What Did You Watch This Week?” is a weekly podcast were your hosts talk about the televisions shows, movies, and trailers that they watched this week. This encompasses not only new shows or movies but past favorites and re-runs they may have watched or even short runs series you can only find on Netflix, HULU or DVD.

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Ep 57: Thus ended the man's tragic tale

Updated 1 day ago.

Welcome back, loyal viewers, to another fun-filled episode of the podcast that streams from one corner of this round planet to every other corner (if that's even possible to fathom.) This week was a lighter week once again, but that doesn't stop our hosts from digging deep into the seedy underbelly of TV and movie entertainment, including a look at the premiere of the 3rd season of Fargo, the latest riveting episode of Agents of SHIELD, and the BBC's Saturday night lineup. Additionally, Mike talks more about Chicago Justice, John gives his thoughts on the first 3 episodes of the new season of Prison Break, and the boys completely agree that the second new episode of The Blacklist this week was probably the best one yet in the series history. All this plus mindless banter, trailer reviews and more on the latest exciting episode of What Did You Watch This Week!