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Season 1 FINALE - w/ Troy Carter of Spotify & James Andrews

Updated 4 months ago.

No real intro needed. DGT presents our Season 1 Finale. The Era of The New Media Company. Featuring #TroyCarter the Global Head of Creator Services @Spotify and 1 out of 2 of the ONLY black people with an executive position on a 70+ Team @ Spotify, and James Andrews the CEO of SMASHD. DigiGodTimes is the Vanguard. The peoples champion for #TechDiversity and #TechEmpowerment! Only on The #1 #SouthernTechPodcast From #ATL #DigiGoodTimes #TechPodcast Streaming on iTunes • @DigiGoodTimes • Sign Up @ For Exclusive Updates and Special Upcoming Announcements for 2017!

- Episode 67 Playlist -

- LoVibe - idk why but i miss u unreleased Beat
- Jeremy Avalon - South Dekalb Mall