Ray Hom, and various M.E.M co-hosts including Ever Heredia, Bo! Campbell, and Mike Calonsag, get together outside of their filmmaking duties over at Mind.Erase.Media to host a podcast with a little help from their guests and friends. Join them as they talk about tech, video games, movies, sports, and the most random stuff possible. It's kinda like you're hanging out with them. Warning: NSFW-but-fun-lingo, FULL of SPOILERS, and, at times, fully infected with GMO d!ck jokes. Check them out at MindEraseMedia.com. MechaZombie logo by Sonam Dhanjal.

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M.E.MCast 035 - David Just-A-Boy

Updated 3 months ago.

Excuse me, it's pronounced "soo-boy".

Welcome back to another episode led by Ray Hom (@rayhom) and Ever (@bankyy65) as they sit down and interview and then get interviewed by comedian, actor, and producer, David Tsuboi. Ray for some reason thought the T was a J...honest mistake.

Anyways, they lead off with a spirited talk on Lars von Trier, then talk about how David became a producer on "Jasmine", transitioning to stand-up comedy, playing Final Fight and boxing/combat based video games, the influence of Bruce Lee, and chorizos.

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And...here we go!!!!!