Interop 2013

LIVE! from the town that never sleeps, join Fletch at Interop in Las Vegas for informative interviews with show attendees, Technology Leaders, and even some special guests.

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INTEROP 2013 - Episode 15 - Jennifer Jessup - Inside INTEROP

Updated a long time ago.

Wrapping up INTEROP 2013, I had the extreme honor to be able to sit down with Jennifer Jessup, the Queen of Interop, and General Manager of the show. We talk about the great 'paid-for' and free content available to users in the form of workshop sessions, and what content was most popular with attendees. Some sessions were packed with several hundred attendees, with WireShark and Networking tips leading the pack. INTEROP is staffed with 30 employees keeping the show running, and they are backed by a volunteer network of about 15 INTEROP Net technicians that build, move and manage the worlds largest temporary network twice a year.