Economic and Social Justice

Date: March 2nd, 2011 On this we had: Dean Baker, Co-Director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, joins us for a discussion of Rep. John Conyers' 21st Century Full Employment and Training Act, and the issue of the extended and unacceptable unemployment rate in the United States. Dean Baker is an expert on housing, consumer prices, Social Security, Medicare, trade, and unemployment. (Learn more about Dean Baker here.) An interview with Dean Baker and Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky regarding the recommendations of the Deficit Commission and their views on the economy can be found at can be found at: Julie Kerksick, former administrator of Wisconsin's Division of Family and Economic Security, will also join the call. She has spent her entire professional career working with, and on behalf of, unemployed and low-income workers. Kerksick has helped design public policies, but has also shared in the responsibility of translating those policies into effective operating programs and procedures. She also serves on the Steering Committee of the National Transitional Jobs Network.

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09-02-2015 Economic & Social Justice

Updated about 1 month ago.

Listen to this month's call as the team does a record breaking legislative endorsement session. Multiple bills covering the Robin Hood Tax, the Paycheck Fairness Act, a jobs bill, Social Security expansion, free college, student loan protections, regulation of for-profit universities, living wage laws, guaranteed paid vacation for workers, and more were all endorsed tonight, with more to come next month!