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Welcome to The Lifted Scene meditation podcast featuring your hosts Vanzell Kirk III and Ryan Summers. You can find us on instagram @gainsnganja and @notsummers and @theliftedscene / Thanks for listening! We hope you can gain value from what we have to offer and being a part of The Lifted Scene.

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Ep 8 - Am I Dreaming?

Updated 3 months ago.

Welcome to Ep 8 - we're having a blast doing this podcast! Thanks for all the listens, plays, and subscibers you guys! We appreciate it so much.

Is there anything wonky with the playback when you listen to this on iTunes? Does the audio play smoothly? Does it repeat anywhere?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Trying to work out the bugs and get you guys a quality sounding show.

Today's show rules! We discuss TOLERATION WEEK! Taking a break from da weeduh? / we drink tea / life updates / meditation updates / SHOUTOUTS and REVIEWS / integration

Shoutouts to @hustle_cannabis
Thanks for the support homie!