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New Series -- Negotiator In You

Updated a long time ago.

I have just published a new series called "The Negotiator In You" through Audiogo, formerly BBC Audiobooks America. "The Negotiator In You" series is designed for people who do not typically see themselves as negotiators.

The series is broken into three parts — "The Negotiator In You at Work" is the first part of the series and focuses on many of the kinds of negotiations you engage in at work. This includes negotiating with your boss, internal and external negotiations, and negotiating in a virtual work environment. The "Negotiator In You at Home" is the second part of the series and discusses typical negotiations that happen at home — from generational negotiations to negotiating with your kids. And finally, the third part of the series is "The Negotiator In You in Life". In this segment I focus on issues such as assertiveness, valuation in negotiation, and negotiating with companies as a consumer.

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