Inked After Dark, with Dick Dangle

Inked Angels is the #1 source for all things inked in the adult industry. And now, Inked Angels has partnered with Dick Dangle to present Inked After Dark with Dick Dangle. The podcast covers industry news, features interviews with tattooed performers, and much more. Joining Dick as his co-host and executive producer will be Champagne Dan. Both gentlemen have spent the last two years interviewing some of the industry's biggest stars with the podcast Danglin' After Dark with Dick Dangle.

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IAD #5: Joanna Angel

Updated 1 day ago.

Spring has sprung and change is in the air! Starting with this episode, this glorious podcast will start airing shows every two weeks! That's double the tattooed hotness!

For this show, we discuss the Inked Angels top 10 inked performers for 2017, Dick Dangle helps Romi Rain with her hosting preparation, and then there's a great interview with the Inked Angels Hall of Famer, Joanna Angel! She discusses her career, acting and her amazing business mind! You do not want to miss it! So grab the sunscreen and your phone and enjoy the show outdoors!