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This podcast will expose the lies & fraud of the Mormon cult, based on THE TRUTH, FACTS, REALITY, LOGIC & COMMON SENSE!! Update: I will be relaunching this podcast January 1st, 2014 w/ over 20 great episodes that most people have never even had a chance to listen to. So make sure you return & download all the episodes on January 1st. I hope that you've all enjoyed the 3 10 minute samples that I me, you'll really enjoy the entire podcasts if you like the samples. I originally had 10 episodes & now I'm at around 20. Can't wait to release them & I'll see you all in 2014. Thanks to Demon of Kolob for your great contribution in recording the most recent podcasts, which are awesome! Until then, please subscribe to my newest podcast collaboration w/ Demon of Kolob, EX-MORMON RANTS! SEE YOU SOON!!!!

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Mormonism Exposed #3-Should Marie Osmond Be Exed-Part 2

Updated a long time ago.

In this clip, I discuss the UNBELIEVABLE HYPOCRISY of the Mormon owned/operated Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie, Hawaii, serving BLACK COFFEE to their guests on demand(it's even on the menu) and it is being served by BYU students, who would be kicked out of BYU if they drank the very coffee that they're hypocritically serving the guests.

You can't even get a caffeinated soda on campus, because caffeine is banned according to former PRophet Gordon B. Hinckley..but you can get BLACK COFFEE at the Polynesian Cultural Center..yeah, that makes sense..when you look at it in "DOLLARS and CENTS!!"

This podcast discusses the hypocrisy and complete double standard applied toward the RICH and FAMOUS MORmONS(like Marie Osmond) VS. the average MORmON who is quickly and severely punished if they step or speak out of line.

Here is a link to the INDISPUTABLE PROOF of my claims:

Now if you're a RICH and FAMOUS can literally say or do whatever you want, with no repercussions in sight, due to the massive flow of tithing dollars that the MORmON Hierarchy would NEVER want to risk losing. It's purely a monetary decision to not punish the RICH and FAMOUS MORmONS.

In this podcast I discuss the RICH and FAMOUS MORmONS(and the things they've done and said publicly that would get the average member excommunicated almost instantly) like Donny and Marie Osmond, Shawn King, Steve and Barbara Young, Harry Reid, Glenn Beck and of course the Marriotts, featuring current Marriott CEO and MORmON General Authority J. Willard(PORN, GAMBLING and BOOZE) Marriott!!

I contrast the treatment of these RICH and FAMOUS CELEBRITY MORmONS w/ how average members are/were treated(many for simply expressing a viewpoint opposed to the MORmON Hierarchy) like Grant Palmer, Andrew Callahan, Lyndon Lamborn, Darron Smith, Jeffrey Nielsen, Chard Hardy, etc.

It's pretty obvious that they're are 2 clear sets of rules/ for the RICH and FAMOUS CELEBRITY MORmONS(NONE) and then very strict, by the book punishment for the average Mormons.

Anyone see a problem with this? To continue the discussion..come on over to and leave your comments.

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