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Episode 15: Nathan Drake Is A Serial Killer

Updated a long time ago.

HUG and company take this week to get back to what's really important, drinking weird liquors and waxing philosophical about video games, tv, and film, including the story-telling aspects of "The Walking Dead" game, a passionate defense for "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey", and the inherent dangers of both basketball players and their dreaded "Chaos Dunk". We also talk about the pros and cons of Dark Souls, the trials and tribulations of Max Payne, and the deep dark place that Spec Ops: The Line will take your psyche. Also, we shit on the Wii U launch for a while, but I feel like everyone's been doing that lately.

Beer of the Week: Rogue Brewing Chiptole Ale and Voodoo Doughnut Maple Bacon Ale