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A video podcast of select DiversiTech Corporation product demonstrations. DiversiTech is North America’s largest manufacturer of air conditioning condenser pads and a leading supplier of components and related products for the heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) industry. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, DiversiTech manufactures a suite of products, which includes a wide range of mechanical, electrical, chemical, and structural parts for HVACR and electrical systems, and swimming pool installations. The company maintains manufacturing and distribution facilities in key U.S. locations, Europe, and in the Far East. DiversiTech has enjoyed a continued history of successful growth and has acquired industry-recognized brand names including Devco® Enterprises, Wagner® Manufacturing, The Black Pad®, Hef-T-Pad™ and Specialty Chemical.

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Triple D™ Universal Coil Cleaner™ Product Demo - Subtitles

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Triple D™ Universal Coil Cleaner™ Product Demo - Subtitles

Updated over 2 years ago.

Triple-D™ is a Universal Coil Cleaner™ suitable for use on condenser and evaporator coils. It is metal safe and does not attack aluminum or copper coil components, extending equipment life and diminishing potential for refrigerant leaks. Triple-D™ is a safer, more versatile product than conventional acid or non-acid coil cleaners.